iMachining Overview

iMachining – the Revolution in CNC Machining

SolidCAM's exclusive and patented iMachining is an intelligent high speed milling technology that creates significantly faster and safe CNC programs to machine mechanical parts with first part success, while maximizing tool life. iMachining's features and algorithms give you unbelievable cycle time savings and unmatched tool life performance while providing you with perfect machining feeds and speeds, the first time, every time.

  • The advanced algorithm of our Intelligent Tool Path Generator maximizes extremely efficient, morphed spiral tool paths, in combination with minimal trochoidal toolpaths.
  • Our patented iMachining Technology Wizard automatically calculates and optimizes cutting feeds and speeds for each point of the toolpath. This maintains constant cutting force on the tool, enabling full tool depth of cut, and reducing multiple passes and tool wear.

The Technology Wizard takes the guesswork out of setting how fast your CNC machine should spin and feed the Cutting tool, adjust the step-overs and how deep to cut. The Wizard provides synchronized values of feed rate, spindle speed, axial depth of cut, cutting angles and chip thickness, based on the material being cut, the mechanical properties of the fixture and tool, while also considering the technical limits of the CNC machine.

The "iMachining level slider" lets the user choose from 8 selectable levels, to automatically adjust for “real-world” fixture, tool holding and machine conditions. The slider makes it easy to overcome standard challenges with spindle rigidity, fixture rigidity and cutting tool stability.
Selecting lower levels on the slider enables optimal machining of setups, with reduced rigidity.

A unique, patented feature of iMachining is the variable cutting angle. iMachining keeps the cutting angle between defined minimum and maximum values. In addition, it uses variable feed to maintain constant spindle load by automatic feed adjustment for varying width of cut. When cutting angle is reduced for morphing efficiency, higher federates are used.

The optimal cutting conditions enable high speed cutting and minimum load on the tool and CNC. Absolutely amazing!

The "iMachining Level Slider" lets the user choose from 8 levels to automatically adjust for "real-world" fixture, tool holding and CNC machine conditions. The levels make it easy to overcome common challenges with spindle-rigidity, fixture-rigidity and excessive tool deflection. Simply slide between level 1 with the minimum MRR (Material Removal Rate) and level 8 with the maximum MRR. Levels 2-7 are associated with combinations of intermediate (interpolated) levels of MRR.

Boost Your Profits – iMachining Benefits

  • Machine deeper for far fewer passes
  • Fully optimized Feeds & Speeds keep the cutter at maximum efficiency
  • Rest-material (Exact Stock Material Machining) and finish cuts eliminate air cutting and unnecessary tool retracts to ensure you're cutting ONLY what's left
  • Avoid machine downtime - less wear and tear on your CNC machines results in higher machine up time, reduced machine maintenance costs and extended machine life
  • Skip costly machine tool upgrades and new CNC purchases – many planned purchases of new machines have been cancelled by happy iMachining owners.

“WOW!” - Unique iMachining tool path

iMachining uses an advanced, patented morphing spiral that gradually conforms to the geometry of the feature being machined, rather than traditional, simple spiral tool path (racetrack). This maximizes tool to stock contact -or- "tool in the cut" time.

In order to most efficiently attack large areas of material removal, as well as stand-alone islands, they are subdivided into smaller sections, or separated for islands using iMachining’s patented Moating technology. This maximizes the efficient morphed spiral cutting.

iMachining tool paths only cut the stock that needs to be removed, eliminating “air cuts”. From the initial approach, right to the last cut, dynamically updated stock tracking, ensures every tool path actually cuts material.

iMachining moves the cutting tool from one cut to another at the cut depth, only retracting when absolutely necessary.