Why users say “WOW!”

Unique iMachining tool path features:

Morphing Spirals: Beyond Trochoidal Cutting

iMachining uses an advanced, patented morphing spiral that gradually conforms to the geometry of the feature being machined rather than an old-fashioned, simple spiral tool path (racetrack). This maximizes tool to stock contact -or- "tool in the cut" time.

Moating: Divide & Conquer

In order to most efficiently attack large areas of material removal as well as stand-alone islands, they are separated or subdivided into smaller sections using iMachining’s patented Moating technology. This maximizes the efficient morphed spiral cutting.

Eliminate Wasted Time & Motion

iMachining tool paths only cut the stock that needs to be removed, eliminating “air cuts”. From the initial approach, right to the last cut, dynamically updated stock tracking ensures every tool path actually cuts material.