Are YOU the $10,000 iMachining-for-NX King of CAM?

iMachining for NX Wants to Know: Can You Prove Your CAM Supremacy?

WINNER TAKES ALL in our iMachining for NX King of CAM Contest.  Try iMachining for NX, then submit a short, amazing CNC cutting video for your chance to win $10,000 CASH on December 13th, 2017. 

Register for a Trial of iMachining for NX, then record your best CNC cutting video using iMachining for NX with any part and material. Submit the video to us for judging, and our judges will pick a finalist each month to be entered into the Grand Prize eligibility list, and voted on by our LIVE iMachining webinar attendees on December 13, 2017!

REMEMBER - A finalist will be chosen each month by Team iMachining, from June through November, to win $500 and qualify for the Grand Prize!

Sample Cutting Videos

Quick Tips

  • Video can be from Cell Phone, Camcorder, etc. (minimum 720p or higher)
  • Keep the video to 2-3 minutes
  • Narrate to describe what you're cutting and material you’re using
  • Show a screenshot or picture-in-picture to prove you're using iMachining
  • Cut the most complex and exciting part you can
  • Really showcase the iMachining advantage on your CNC machine